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PassionRP v4.1 Release

PassionRP v4.1
Hello, Passionate Gamers! The management team and dev team have decided to bring you another feature release in the same month! You can read the full changelog here. As we advance, we plan on compiling our updates and having time to debug before releasing features. That doesn't mean that our releases will always have no issues. Local test servers are very different than a live server with 100 players in them. But we do plan to debug a good chunk before releases. We have also decided to have weekly management meetings and developer meetings to focus heavily on player suggestions. Would you please use our Nolt Feature list to send us your feedback moving forward to review them in our weekly meetings and assign juicy suggestions to our roadmap? We will be labeling 4.2 features that you guys come up with that will be implemented into the next release. Now we won't be showing all roadmap ideas on this list, just the community suggestions. We need to keep some mystery, or that wouldn't be fun. Here is a hint though, try and decipher the GitHub commits!  
We will still be releasing Hotfixes ASAP when they show themselves. We also may implement features that we think will improve value for the city when we see an opportunity. This is something that we have been doing, and I don't see that changing.
Management Team
@Newton @sudokill9 @iPazal @BloodBane @Adamm @HiMother @pseud @pwncake @Hydex @GreatGuyNova

We also want to Welcome @Stickerz to the management team.  He will make a great addition!

Social Media Team
Passion Gaming's Media team has been killing it for us the last month and we want to send them a huge Shoutout for all their hard work.  @Giralii @Oscar @Suako @Adamm @iPazal.  Here is their latest video that they through together for us to show some of the features that are coming with the update.

Here was PassionRP's v4.0 Release video incase you missed it.

Passion News
This is also a new page added to the site.  Hopefully we will start bringing in more content creators to manage this news feed in the future.  Until then the management team and Senior staff members will be taking care of this section!  

Thank you,
Passion Gaming

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