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    Lead News Channel in Los Santos

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    A3Launcher required to play.

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    Dec's Pizza Community and Social Media Page

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    "Welcome to Pillbox, How can I help you?" SAMR is currently located near Pillbox Hill, We treat families, friends, and loved ones.

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    Passion Gaming DayZ Clan

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    "Blaine County Sheriffs Office" Faction Page

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    For the events and queries of The Three Families

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    My idea of a perfect date: After a nice dinner out we make it back to my place. We make ourselves comfortable, put on a movie and pour you a glass of wine. After we finished watching Shrek Forever After my cat comes over to congratulate us. You start to feel tingly and pass out, waking up 8 hours later in a bathtub full of ice. I've stolen your kidneys, congratulations. Don't trust girls on the internet.
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    As a Field Training Officer, you are responsible for the future of the department this means: Standards must be kept at all times. You must act as a role model at all times. You must take responsibility for your cadets and own actions. You must show no bias or favouritism. You must fulfil your duties as a Field Training Officer.

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    A gang of very anti-government militia group, trying to bring down the government anyway they can - including violence, explosions and... meth.

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    This is the official faction for the Pink Panthers.

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    Are you looking for a creative crew? Looking to let your freak flag fly? Do you like showing up in style and getting all the jealousy aimed towards you? Together we will get colorful, funny, and epically entertaining for Los Santos.. Do you want to learn a simple honk song that we will preform at future events? Interested in speeding around town in our colorful rides? Lets have fun, and create together.

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    Crown Incorporated. Home of the Greatest Security Detail in Town.

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    The best Strip club in Los Santos

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    Once a bunch of misfits with different backgrounds, now a close family of friends with connections.

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    At the San Andreas K9 Association we aim to do our part in protecting the state by training dogs in the field of narcotics detection. K9 officers have proven to be useful in both narcotics detection as well as deterrents towards further narcotics related crimes in recent years, proving themselves to be a fine addition to their respective departments.

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    This faction hasn't provided a description.

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    Big Dossers unite

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    Overboost Drift School Chads

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