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  3. That’s great! We should deff have a go at it!
  4. My 2 mil sim units play on a Friday and Saturday night. Both very old groups been in the arma Scene a long time. Fridays 8pm GMT - Razorbacks group of lads who get drunk and milsim without taking themselves to seriously proper laugh. Saturdays 8pm GMT - Tour of TeamRespawn. A very old arma group who play more seriously than Razorbacks but not too much. A couple of the mission makers from TOUR actually went to work for Bohemia I've been with TOUR Since 2012 top group of lads same with Razorback after they split from RIP last year. Feel free to join open to anyone who has the mods.
  5. https://app.a3launcher.com/download Known issues If your game crashes with no crash message continously (upon spawn etc) refer to screenshot below.
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  7. Hydex


  8. Adamm


    Fixed GSR Test
  9. Hydex


    Support Tickets restructured for QOL and fixed some issues.
  10. Adamm


    SASP and FBI Blips, also some small changes
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    Hello Passion Gaming! We have yet to see this new raffle system being used so I have decided to add a small donation to the Raffle system! I have also limited this raffle to those who have signed up for the PassionRP Gaming Division. So if you have not yet sign up for that gaming division please read the Private DM I have sent you on the website! Thank you and good luck!
  12. Newton


    Big Batch & Drive By Shooting!
  13. Stickerz


    Some more QoL "Earth" changes around the city 😎
  14. Hydex


    Passion Gaming community site is now multi-game ready. The community site was built around PassionRP and it has been updated with features to help organize the community by "gaming divisions". Factions can now be filtered by game or server. When registering to the community site it will ask you to select what game or server you play on. Games and servers you do not check the content will be hidden from your view. You can always join a new division later by going to account settings -> Gaming Divisions Tab.
  15. Hydex


  16. Adamm


    New Admin Menu @Ramp
  17. Adamm


    Changes, fixes, stuff
  18. Isaac Callahan and his EMS staff will be holding a Car Wash at Lower Pillbox to raise money for Pillbox. This will be held on Saturday June 5 at 6:30pm BST. Any donation amount it accepted.
  19. Stickerz


    Added multiple restaurant businesses and some small minor fixes/changes around the city.
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