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State of Los Santos v James Fox


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Arrest Report:


Case #: 1.1934

Officers Involved:

  • [S-01] Ben Matthews
  • [S-02] Olivia Watson
  • [S-04] Deven Slade
  • [S-06] Kate May
  • [S-08] John Long
  • [S-10] Max Anderssen
  • [L-16] Ted Hannigan
  • [L-30] Ronnie Polarck

Shots Fired:


GSR Test Results:


Casings Recovered:


Report Description:

** Reference SID Case File for a full report regarding Björn Johannson's Murder and James Fox's involvement. **

Official SASP Arrest Report
Arresting Officer: L-16 Ted Hannigan
Reporting Trooper: S-04 Deven Slade

I, S-04 Deven Slade, and S-10 Max Anderssen with several other SASP officers were conducting surveillance on Lost MotorSports where multiple Lost Members were all dressed exactly like James Deluca who was wanted for the murder of Bjorn Johannson. [S-02] placed a phone call to James Deluca while [S-31] JohnAthon Burns was surveilling the individuals out front of Lost Motorsports.

At that time, units were able to confirm one male dressed as James Deluca was in fact James Deluca due to the timing of a series of phone calls that were placed to him and the timing of him picking up and hanging up his phone with [S-02]. Just as units were about to move in, a green sedan and black SUV arrived at Lost MotorSport and 4 individuals with guns held up the Lost Members.

After a brief period, one male in a Lost kutte that was ID'd as James Deluca was taken hostage by the unknown assailants. Units called out to begin to chase the vehicles involved in the hostage-taking not only because of the situation but because the hostage was James Deluca.

During the chase we had multiple other civilians get involved in the chase by ramming and then shooting at police involved in the chase. S-04 and S-10 ran “safety” for the pursuit getting the other people involved backed off and exchanging gunfire with multiple different civilians during the chase.

During the pursuit, a suspect driving a red Lynx near the Palamino FWY entrance to Senora FWY was lying in wait for the pursuit to pass and opened fire on the vehicle. L-20 and L-16 exchanged gunfire with the suspect and downed him near the same area. The suspect was then placed into custody and transported to Pillbox for multiple GSW’s. He was then transported by L-20 and L-16 to MRPD. He was then identified as James Fox, a known member of the Lost Motorcycle Club. He was then processed for the charges attached to this report.
** Reference SID Case File for a full report regarding Björn Johannson's Murder and James Fox's involvement. **


Bail Terms: 


No firearms.
Not able to return to the Lost MC Clubhouse.
No misdemeanors or felonies.

Failure to follow these terms will result in the individual being returned to Bolingbroke Penitentiary until his hearing.


Prosecution: Undetermined at this time.

Defense: @wopster04 Alex Smith representing @James Fox 


@Benny @Weezy  As 01's please begin choosing a representative for this case. Thanks!

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Due to lack of response I will begin scheduling to get things moving. 

Hearing is scheduled for November 29th at 2000 BST (1500 EST). Hearing will take place at the City Hall. 


Moving forward the DOJ will begin scheduling these criminal cases for 2 weeks after their original arrest. 

Thank you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I put forward a motion to dismiss due to prosecution not providing any evidence before the discovery period of 24 hours before the trial time and date. It is now 20:01 BST 28th November as of writing this. Within that 24 hour period. Therefore it is too late for PD to submit any evidence.

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After speaking with the other judges we agree that at this point the Prosecution have made no attempt to further this case. Without a DA this may continue to be an issue. 

At this time Alex Smith's motion is accepted and this case will be dismissed without prejudice. (Psst, Alex, this means they can try the case again.)

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