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Server Rules

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• Harassment, hate speech, insults, disrespectful behaviour and discrimination of any kind are prohibited. This includes racism, sexism, flaming and IRL information about other players of any kind!
• Spamming is not allowed. Do not tag people, including the staff team, repeatedly or without need.
• Any kind of political conversations are not allowed. Also discussions about hacks, cheats and glitches are forbidden.
• No Personal threats of any kind.
• Advertising is prohibited.
• Do not argue with other players. Calling cheaters, hackers is not allowed. Just open a support ticket.
• Players with CF Tools access are not allowed to add/post/share any kind of informations!


• Instructions from Staff Team must be always followed.
• Support is only available through our website tickets. (Do not dm Staff Members)
• Support is only available with evidence (videos/SS) ex. info/questions
• There is no support for player mistakes!
• Do not provide wrong info in tickets. Do not lie!
• Evidence must be in the ticket - Evidence via sharescreen are not accepted!
• To get support for vehicles/helis you must provide clear evidence to show us HOW the incident happened
• To get refund if you died against cheater you only need evi for high value items.
• To get refund for an illegal raid you only need evi for high value items.


• Camping on safezone is prohibited  Inc. following ppl outside of the safezone area.
• Stealing on safezone is prohibited
• Trolling on safezone is prohibited. (e.g. opening/closing car doors, stealing car parts, blocking people in buildings
• Blocking vehicle spawn zone is prohibited 

Base Building

• Only one base per clan. For bigger clans with more than 10 active ppl people you can ask permission for a second one.
• You can build everywhere Inc. vanilla buildings. There are in game no building zones (red circles)
• Official buildings like townhalls, hospitals, fire departments, police stations, military buildings are not allowed to be built in/on.
• Maximum base volume is 64 and max height is 4. Foundation does not count (1 volume = 1 floorspace).
• Maximum base volume inside vanilla buildings which are less than 64 volume can be extended outside of the vanilla building until maximum 64 volume is reached 
• Skybases are prohibited. Maximum 1 platform overhang per side.
• Roads/bridges/paths may not be built on. Wells must remain accessible to other players
• Excessive hoarding of items is not allowed - keep in mind the server perfomance
• On skyscrapers (like in Cherno) is it allowed to add one more floor.

Base Raid

Coming Soon

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