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Passion Gaming DayZ & Update Wave

By Newton
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Hey Passion Gamers!

We have announced a major upcoming changelog for the PassionRP Server which is being lead in development at the moment by @BerkieB. During this time a code freeze has been announced to the entire Development team, this due to the massive overhaul changes which would lead to conflicts if development was not put to a halt. This gave me the time to start working on deploying a DayZ server and possibly one or two additional Minecraft servers for the community (Vanilla/Eternal). 

The DayZ server will evolve around our main theme which is RP (roleplay). Some restructuring on the Discord/Website may take place to accommodate the new game servers and potential new players. There have been some players already showing certain interest into the server, for those interested we're asking to help through out the Beta and provide feedback to us, keep in mind we're fairly new on the game here but proper progress has been made. 

DayZ Beta is up now!

Thank you for taking the time to read & enjoy gaming ❤️,

Passion Gaming | Newton 


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