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Website Sync with discord!

By Hydex
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Hey Passionate Gamers, 

Within the next week I am going to be altering the website and discord slightly to prep us for merging our verification system through the community website.  This is just a added layer of security for our community.  There are only two things that will be forced from website to discord and that's your display name and roles.  Other things like Email and Discord Profile picture are optional if you want to sync that from discord to here.  I have added a option to register via discord now and also for those who have already registered you can click that new blue button on your userNavBar that's labeled Sync Discord.  

I will also be restructuring the discord a little and cleaning up some unnecessary channels and trying to merge those channels into the website for organization purposes.  Any channel that is taken out of discord will be given a home on the site and any new content added to the section on the site will get a embed into discord.  I know it may seem silly to remove a perfectly good channel just to embed the same content into discord but the goal is to help organize and declutter out discord that is just too overwhelming currently for those who can see all channels.  I will not be removing any highly active channels just those that are semi active and can have a nice home on the site.

Passion Gaming | Hydex

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