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PassionRP v3.1.88 Community Edition

Release Date: 05/31/2021 01:00 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

Big batch of random stuff!


  • Metallurgy: Added a door where players can turn in steel and retrieve tempered steel. Takes 20 steel, returns 10 tempered steel. This is on the map 😉


  • The Arcade stashes etc. have all been tweaked as per the new owner's request!
  • Increased the amount of general drops from processing scrap boxes. Since Tempered Steel no longer comes from these, this was possible. The general yield should be far more even than before.


  • The housing "next address calculation" used to get confused with addresses which have a number in the actual street name, i.e. "Route 68 1" would become "Route 68 682", it'll now become "Route 68 2"


  • Tempered steel from scrap boxes.

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