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PassionRP v4.0.0.1 Community Edition

Release Date: 07/08/2021 01:45 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

Hot fixes and changes since release of V4


Lets Go Reaction GIF by Mason Ramsey


  • Park Ranger vehicle for the BCSO Branch
  • Havoc MC Job
  • Havoc MC locks, stash, safe
  • Havoc MC cuts
  • Logs for /paylaw and /paytow


  • Moved ALL doors
  • Moved Rasberry Pi to the correct shop
  • Adjusted Rasberry Pi price
  • EMS items cost money now as they should
  • @BloodBane Fixed up the car dealer job
  • Lowered lumberjack payout
  • Lowered drug payout
  • Armour gives 100% not 75%


  • Database error with a Character card
  • $250 now goes to EMS safe not the player
  • Upped the price for Cayo tickets
  • Seriel numbers on guns from ammunation and house robberys
  • Seriel numbers on PD guns
  • Steam names dont show up when giving an item now, it just says "Player"
  • Done some stuff with the Pokemon cards
  • Lowered price that /paylaw gives
  • Fixed global IDs
  • Fixed free crypto @KJL

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