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PassionRP v4.0.0.8 Community Edition

Release Date: 07/11/2021 05:00 PM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

 Havoc Motorsports, Hunting rework, and some other changes


gang motorcycles GIF by South Park


  • New bikeshop, Havoc Motorsports
  • Doorlocks for Havoc Motorsports
  • New reworked Hunting, works the same way just better optimized. @Ramp


  • Moved all bikes from Sunrise to Havoc Motorsports (Left the Faggio in Sunrise)
  • Slightly moved Larrys Parking outside of Havoc Motorsports
  • Moved Havoc Safe
  • Moved Black Market, stop being blabber mouths
  • Moved VU Stash
  • Fixed VU Blip


  • Fixed a text error on a job
  • Fixed armour so it actually gives you 100% now


  • Old Havoc Job
  • Old Bikeshop script
  • Old Hunting

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