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PassionRP v4.2.2.9 Community Edition

Release Date: 09/29/2021 11:09 PM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

New Pizza Delivery job! 🍕

anna faris pizza GIF by Overboard Movie


  • New custom job added to Cityhall (doesn't require you to switch jobs)
  • Added new vehicle for the pizza delivery job, thanks @Porkster.


  • Better pay out for the courier job. 
  • Courier job also has a new vehicle now.
  • Pay outs for both Postal and Pizza delivery job have been increased! - Keep in mind the jobs are fairly new, I'm open to any suggestions. These jobs are intended to aim for more natural interactions between characters.


  • Postal job was scuffed, all though didn't see any reports. 


  • License plate on the pizza delivery vehicle is known issue and will be updated. 

Additional Information

Enjoy a slick picture of @Berke delivering some great pizza's brought to you by The Big Cheez 🍕 🥵 restaurant! 


You may see more activity when civilians are doing these jobs to earn some money, please be nice to them if you see them in your neighborhood or at work, or don't when it's RP. 

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