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  • Passion RP Community Rules and Guidelines

    These rules may change; roleplay over ruleplay


    1. No win mentality. It’s okay to lose sometimes, there is great RP in losing.
    2. Roleplay before gunplay. No RDM, no KOS, conflict must be initiated verbally or at very least a story-arc with both parties.The target of an attack must know who they are being attacked by and why.
    3. No metagaming. You are not your character. You are NOT your character. Do not act or disclose information your character did not gain properly.
    4. No powergaming. Powergaming is when your character does not give the other player the opportunity to roleplay their own actions. An example of this is doing /me steals handcuffs. 
    5. No toxic roleplay. Talking while down, ooc complaints, etc.
    6. Players must be 16 years or older, have a working mic and speak fluent english.
    7. Players must respond to staff inquiries and join Discord voice chats when required.
    8. No third-party communication. If you’re sitting in a car for 20 minutes with your friend driving around not saying a word we will catch you.
    9. No exploiting, modding, or anything else that misuses the intent of game mechanics, or modifications to client to give advantage.
    10. No logging out of the server doing a conflict. All situations must be completely resolved.
    11. No racist roleplay.
    12. You must value your life and the lives of others. Do not draw your gun on someone if their gun is already on you - do not carelessly kill NPC’s.
    13. Criminal activity is limited to 6 players at a time (8 for pacific/merryweather/yacht heist)
    14. You may not have more than 15 players in a gang/family.
    15. No unrealistic roleplay. This covers cop baiting, and other outlandish acts such as sprinting after surgery etc.
    16. Do not dump a dead body with no roleplay intentions. 
    17. If you respawn while downed, you must not remember anything leading up to the events that downed you.
    18. You may not bring back a permadeathed character without permission from management.
    19. No abusing the mechanics of the game server restarting to get away with things you would not normally get away with (For example: Banks are not allowed to be robbed 20 minutes before or after a storm, this is to allow cops time to enter the server and be ready to respond fairly).

    Disclaimer: Management reserve the right to revoke access at any time

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