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  2. Hydex


    Support Tickets restructured for QOL and fixed some issues.
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    Hello Passion Gaming! We have yet to see this new raffle system being used so I have decided to add a small donation to the Raffle system! I have also limited this raffle to those who have signed up for the PassionRP Gaming Division. So if you have not yet sign up for that gaming division please read the Private DM I have sent you on the website! Thank you and good luck!
  4. Hydex


    Passion Gaming community site is now multi-game ready. The community site was built around PassionRP and it has been updated with features to help organize the community by "gaming divisions". Factions can now be filtered by game or server. When registering to the community site it will ask you to select what game or server you play on. Games and servers you do not check the content will be hidden from your view. You can always join a new division later by going to account settings -> Gaming Divisions Tab.
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  6. Hydex


    Added a new raffle system to community site, as well as some QOL changes.
  7. Hydex


    Small update, mostly related to cosmetic effects. The Color scheme's have been updated to actually have more color on the site. Also removed the lightPurple scheme and replaced with a darkPurple/pink scheme. The only scheme left that has been unchanged is the lightBlue.
  8. Hydex


    QoL changes for dev team and some fixes for the support ticket system.
  9. Hydex


    Fix Failed Login attempts has been increased from 1 to 3. Thank you @Adam Barlow
  10. Hydex


    This is a very delayed changelog that has been complied over the last couple of days. I will do a better job to post these when things get altered in the future.
  11. Hydex


    Update was to address fixes for Staff members. FIXES FIX members not being able to see Applications for all Staff positions. Staff, Dev, Content Team, and Event Team FIX Staff roles and permissions have been fixed and similar to Discord roles. Permissions are also implemented. FIX Navmenu showing items to wrong roles. FIX Applications Moderation. FIX Discord Role Sync.
  12. Hydex


    The Beta Staff Release update. This release is focused on getting the Staff onboard with how the new website functions. There are many new features that this website has to offer the staff team. I will try to list everything in the Staff Lounge area of the forums, if you have questions please ask them there! This release does not support Whitelisted Jobs, the next release is aimed towards bringing in the community and with that Whitelisted jobs will also have a place for applications. ADDED Main site Added PassionRP Section with exclusive NavMenu. and New
  13. Hydex

    Testing event Calendar

  14. Hydex


  15. Hydex


    ADDED Added Color Pallet to switch from Light/Dark Modes. Added OAuth to Nolt for Feedback Added Feedback Widget for quick access to Nolt Added New F.A.Q. Forum with upvote/downvote options and Best Answer. Added Forums for Staff Members (Permissions not set yet) Added Media Library for Media team in Gallery with permissions IMPROVEMENT Improvement Changed Clubs to Factions Improvement Cleaned up Language files for Changelogs FIXED FIX CSS on multiple pages, added more ID tags.
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