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  1. Case completed. Ruled in favor of Plaintiff in amount of $100,000 USD to be paid by Defendant.
  2. After speaking with the other judges we agree that at this point the Prosecution have made no attempt to further this case. Without a DA this may continue to be an issue. At this time Alex Smith's motion is accepted and this case will be dismissed without prejudice. (Psst, Alex, this means they can try the case again.)
  3. It means be there for the 9s case as yours will take place after.
  4. After speaking with Steven Charles in city he's stated that he has no interest in this case. DOJ will begin scheduling. This civil case hearing will take place after the 9s hearing for James Fox - November 29th at 2000 BST (1500 EST). Please understand we can't estimate the time needed for James' hearing so please be patient. Thank you! @Angelo Yatuchi
  5. Due to lack of response I will begin scheduling to get things moving. Hearing is scheduled for November 29th at 2000 BST (1500 EST). Hearing will take place at the City Hall. Moving forward the DOJ will begin scheduling these criminal cases for 2 weeks after their original arrest. Thank you.
  6. Arrest Report: Bail Terms: Prosecution: Undetermined at this time. Defense: @wopster04 Alex Smith representing @James Fox @Benny @Weezy As 01's please begin choosing a representative for this case. Thanks!
  7. @Angelo Yatuchi @wizardpoole If both of you could let me know who is representing you that would be great. Also lets begin the scheduling process as soon as possible. Please include dates/times you're best available. Thanks!
  8. ERNESTO V STEVEN CHARLES CIVIL SUIT Original incident occurred October 30 2021. Lawsuit has been accepted.
  9. Ernesto, As Redford and I have discussed we agree that at a certain point Steven Charles began acting on behalf of his own personal views and ignored duties, that you have referenced, to protect. During the negotiation it is heard that the deputy declined negotiations after making his personal opinion of you apparent. The personal attacks on you along with the unwillingness to negotiate shows a severe deviation from his duties. He stopped the negotiation. Your life was affected by it. At this time I believe that his department has him suspended pending investigation. Obviously with the above footage his investigation may be over rather soon. As for the charges I can not begin to know the future actions of any LEO division. I imagine that one way or another justice will be served. In the eyes of this court you are free to sue the person Steven Charles for damages. Please follow the usual process. Case Dismissed.
  10. The judges are reviewing the motion. Please give us 24 hours.
  11. They were deciding on their defense representative. At this time @Corrupted_Badger(Dan Michaels) will be representing BCSO in this matter.
  12. Submitted Nov 8 2021 Translated: @Angelo Yatuchi @MissRunsNguns
  13. Case closed. Ruled in favor of Ernesto Rodriguez in the amount of 100,000 Pesos.
  14. Uhhhh - What? A supenis? Sir I believe you've spelt Subpoena wrong. Also who is the individual you're requesting?
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