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Community Meeting Notes - 29/04/21

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Community Meeting Notes

- Remember to keep IN CHARACTER and OUT OF CHARACTER memories and lives separate. They have no information/memory of each other within the city.

- OOC terms (Gods, Discord etc) are NOT to be used for any reason.

- Remember to finish your scenario first BEFORE using the /report feature. Staff will NOT be stepping in mid scene or having conversations through /reports with you.

- We want to encourage ROLEPLAY OVER RULEPLAY AND ROLEPLAY OVER GUNPLAY. This DOES NOT mean rules won't be enforced when blatant abuse is taking place.

- Cops are being actively re-trained and more focus will be put on their professionalism going forwards

- Whitelist Gang Applications have been reintroduced. Hand in hand with this, Whitelisted gangs will now, IF accepted, be held to a higher standard and lead by example. 

- Please provide evidence when filing for Refund Requests or Player Reports. If no evidence is provided, it MAY result in your report/request being automatically denied.

- Body dumping is very rarely necessary so, should only be used when the RP has gotten to a point where a memory wipe is needed. Please don't be dumping people after simple robberies or gun fights. Staff will be cracking down on this.

- When in medical custody, please remember that they are there to Roleplay also. It adds along to your story when being helped by them, so take the time to immerse yourselves.

- Remember to create long lasting storylines and themes for yourself, imagination is the limit and stopping what you're doing over one thing going wrong is a poor choice. 

- Going forwards, we will be utilising the website more often. The eventual goal is to remove the main majority of the Discord use. The website will become a hub for the majority of aspects of our servers.

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