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Passion Gaming v1.0.3

Release Date: 04/05/2021 05:00 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes


  • Added New Changelog/Release Notes for PassionRP FiveM Server
    • Create a database for future Releases by Hiding future releases from community.  
    • Revisions added to see changes dev's make to releases.
    • SEO Added to Page by Meta/Keyword
    • CSS work to create Listing menu and Display menu
    • Added Tag Options for Current Release, Security Release, and Beta Release.
    • LongID implemented to hold a position on Listing.
  • Added Discord Rich Embed for Release Notes
  • Added Staff Application - Accepted Applications > User Granted Staff Role
  • Added All staff roles 
  • Added Staff Page and assigned Roles to Categories(Still needs CSS work)
  • Added Config for each Staff role Admin and Moderator Perms for 23 Roles.
  • Added Event Team Application
  • Added Content Team Application
  • Added Moderator Application
  • Added Admin Application
  • Added Developer Application
  • Added Applications to Backend for Moderators/Admins to accept/Deny Application Privately.
    • Denying Applications will require a Moderator to Message the Applicant to inform them.
    • All members are only allowed to Apply for a staff position once.  If the user would like to apply again a Moderator will need to delete their old application for the applicant to create a new application.  


  • Improvement Changed Clubs to Factions
  • Improvement Factions have been given more options.  
    • General Features
      • Add ability to create a custom HOME page for the Faction
      • Convert forums or apps categories into Faction Features with a single click, so you don't need to manually move a bunch of items (topics, images, files, events, etc) - Admin CP feature
      • Convert Faction Features into forums or categories
      • Hide members list in the sidebar when the "Display Faction information" is located "In the header" 
    • Ban Member Features
      • add moderator permission to ban/unban members
      • Give the option to ban from ALL FACTIONS or from specific clubs
      • Revamped Banned Members Page
    • Manage Club Features
      • Ability to ADMINS ban/unban members from all factions.
      • A banned member won't be able to access any club page, including its content (topics, files, images, etc.).
      • IMPORTANT: Faction items will continue to appear in Activity Streams, profiles, searchs, etc. The restriction will happen only when the member tries to read them.
      • Allow members to choose which features will be automatically created when creating a faction.
      • Restrict number of equal features per faction(example: you can only have one "topic" feature).
      • Restrict Number of Factions per member.
      • Restrict Number of Factions a member can join.
      • Add ability to create a QUESTION feature when creating a feature from FORUMS app.
      • Add members to the faction (setting to allow Faction Owners to use it. Admins can use it).
      • Add members from a specific user group to the faction (secondary groups checked) (setting to allow Faction Owners to use it. Admins can use it).
      • Change owner of the faction.
      • Change type of the faction(option according to the owner group setting).
      • Display faction icons on users posts
      • Display faction icons on user profile (hover card)
  • Improvement Cleaned Up menu, added dropdowns (Community)


  • FIX CSS for Moderators Activity listings background/borders/text was Showing White/Off Theme Color Scheme


  • Staff Applications Content Needs updating.

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