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Passion Gaming v1.1.0

Release Date: 04/13/2021 06:22 PM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

The Beta Staff Release update.

This release is focused on getting the Staff onboard with how the new website functions.  There are many new features that this website has to offer the staff team.  I will try to list everything in the Staff Lounge area of the forums, if you have questions please ask them there!

This release does not support Whitelisted Jobs, the next release is aimed towards bringing in the community and with that Whitelisted jobs will also have a place for applications.


  • Main site
    • Added PassionRP Section with exclusive NavMenu. and New pages (Details Below)
      • The main page Has a news feed for anything PassionRP related, PassionRP Features, and a welcome message.
      • How to Play Page - content by @bloodbane edited by @hydex. This page has some great content it has a tabbed box inlay with a toggle for each FAQ.  Really keeps a large amount of content from being overwhelming on a single page.
      • Live streams Page - this will need a dedicated team to run this section (Twitch Team/Stream Team) basically this team needs to add people to a Twitch team so we can stream content from anyone playing on our servers.  Options to auto-play featured streamers.
      • Classic Rules page with sticky side nav.  Possibly going to update the side nav to look a little better but for now, it is functional.
      • Roles Page lists all the roles associated with the Passion Gaming Staff team.  This will not feature members in teams like events, content creators, or any sub-group.   These teams/roles will be featured in a section for Passion Gaming later on, not just PassionRP.
      • City Laws/penal Codes this page has been created but I have not added content due to not sure if this content should be viewable by everyone.  Let me know what you guys think.
      • Jobs navmenu with our whitelisted jobs listed.  These pages are still not finished but feature a Apply Now button in a sub-sub-menu.  Hopefully, the leaders of these Departments can give me some content to add here.
    • Added server status in the footer with server count and Que.
    • Added news page to the main navbar.  Aiming to create a news post weekly for the website dev team.  Would love to get articles from all staff teams for a weekly summary.  Or anything they are excited about.
  • Community site
    • Added forums for all whitelisted Jobs
      • Forums are going to be the current solution for promoting and demoting members of a department.  This is how the old website handled whitelisted jobs.
    • Added all necessary roles for all staff.
    • Added all roles permissions for staff members.
    • Added a mass PM feature to messages for management roles to communicate to all members.


  • Improvement CSS cleaned up around both main site and community.
  • Improvement removed Bug report page and you can now post bugs on the Feature site.  
  • Improvement Cleaned up the logo for a more crisp look. 
  • Improvement Cleaned up front page added tags to images for SEO readability.
  • Improvement Added text to the main page for SEO readability.  


  • FIX Color Pallet not showing for all members.
  • FIX discord OAuth was setup before SSL cert had to change HTTP to HTTPS 
  • FIX (Band-Aid) feature link not working due to SSO.  I turned off SSO for now, so logging in through other platforms is now available.  Will fix SSO in the future so you can post through forum profile OAuth.


  • Issue Whitelisted Jobs and Roles have not been configured.  Please keep using Discord Applications until it has been implemented.

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