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Passion Gaming v1.1.2

Release Date: 04/18/2021 05:00 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

This is a very delayed changelog that has been complied over the last couple of days.  I will do a better job to post these when things get altered in the future.  

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Additional Information


  • Community site
    • Added Discord Notifications to all Current Support Tickets ( Ban Appeals, Refund Requests, and Report Player).  They each go to their own Designated Channel on Discord.
    • Added Classified Section Currently only supports Cars in PassionRP.  Sell, Buy, Exchange, and Wanted are all options for the current Classified’s setup.
    • Added Additional Information to the record to display on the record.  Can be used for List Items, a temporary solution to the ugly discord notifications.  Content field can be used for a Summary of the update, or if it's a single line update.  Additional Information will only be displayed if you add content to it. 


  • Improvement @NewtonAdded permissions for Admin Team to access Changelogs.
  • Improvement @NewtonAdded Gif’s to website.
  • Improvement Improvements for Meta Data, both Website and PassionRP Changelogs had multiple fields where changelog was used I updated them to both include the words Website or PassionRP before changelog to eliminate confusion. 
  • Improvement to Changelogs, you can now use the Additional Information for list Items and Key changes can be a quick Summary.  
  • Improvement Altered Permissions for Staff team to handle Support requests @BloodBane request.


  • Issue There are actually some bugs with the support Modal.  You can't use the Editor field without it showing up on all ticket departments.  Also, the last field does not have a title or description option.  That is the main field and should have a description.  The text on the top is useless at the moment.  @BloodBane has pointed this out.  Will have a fix by Monday or Tuesday.

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