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Passion Gaming v1.1.5

Release Date: 04/24/2021 04:20 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

Small update, mostly related to cosmetic effects.  The Color scheme's have been updated to actually have more color on the site.  Also removed the lightPurple scheme and replaced with a darkPurple/pink scheme.  The only scheme left that has been unchanged is the lightBlue.  


  • Dark Purple/Pink color Scheme


  • All color Scheme's have been modified to make the website pop!
  • Faction's now have the ability to add more pages, topics, etc.  Was limited to one before.


  • Website discord roles have been altered to sync with correct role.


  • The Light Color Scheme has not been modified and probably has some CSS issues.  
  • Live Streams does not show Passion Gaming members Streams.  

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