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Passion Gaming v1.2.1

Release Date: 06/09/2021 03:46 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

Passion Gaming community site is now multi-game ready.  The community site was built around PassionRP and it has been updated with features to help organize the community by "gaming divisions".  Factions can now be filtered by game or server.



When registering to the community site it will ask you to select what game or server you play on.  Games and servers you do not check the content will be hidden from your view.  You can always join a new division later by going to account settings -> Gaming Divisions Tab. 






  • Gaming Divisions
    • Select Box added to registration page
    • Added section on Account Settings to alter games later.
    • Forum Categories for Every Game we currently Support (Supported games will need adjustment)
  • Factions - Factions can be for gangs or business's in Roleplay but for competitive gaming these are for teams.
    • New Application for Team Managers/Leaders - If you would like to start a new team for a game please fill out this application.
      • Once an application is accepted you will be able to post you team on the factions page.
    • Filters Added to Factions
      • Filter Factions by Game: PassionRP, FiveM Arena, CS:GO, Rocket League, etc.
      • Filter Factions by Team Types: Competitive | Intermediate | Casual | None (For non competitive teams)
  • New Roles
    • Gaming Divisions
      • Division Managers - Responsible for overseeing that a game is active in the community.
        • Division Leaders - Division Managers Second in command
          • Team Managers - Responsible for maintaining a active team. 
            • Team Leaders - Team Managers Second in command.
    • Staff Teams
      • Refund Team - Team Dedicated to Refund requests.
      • Request Team - Team dedicated to Ban Appeals and Player Reports.


  • New Application for Division -> Team Managers
  • New Application for Division Managers
  • New Application for Division Leaders

Additional Information

  • Division Managers / Leaders
    • Division Managers and Leaders are responsible for keeping a gamer active in the community.  If you would like to actively recruit people to our community and get them involved in your game you can apply for a Division Management position.
  • Team Managers
    • Team Managers must have a Team Leader or a second in command that can help schedule meetups and practices.
    • Team Managers must be dedicated to managing a team and making events on the calendar.  Inactive teams will be deleted.
    • Team Managers are responsible for making a public Faction for your team to communicate.  (We may create discords for games if the game is popular in the community)
  • It's everyone's responsibility within a division to make it a fun and active environment.  

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