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Passion Gaming v1.2.2

Release Date: 06/16/2021 06:54 AM

Security Release: No

Key Changes

Support Tickets restructured for QOL and fixed some issues.


  • Severities (Minor, Normal, High, Urgent, and Incorrect Ban)
    • Severities are set by the customer.
    • Every department has it's own unique severities. (Incorrect Ban is for Ban Appeal only etc.)
  • Moving a ticket into Approval Department will change the discord channel it sends notifications to (#approval-department)


  • Severities are now correctly listed in the ticket dashboard Highest severity will be listed first.  Was backwards before.
  • When setting a tickets status to Accepted it will   
    • be removed from the open ticket list on the dashboard.
    • Remove the ability for a customer to reply.

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